In rural Honduras

1 out of 5 Hondurans live on less than $1.90 a day

Families struggle to afford the cost of education for their children

Clean water is often miles away from home

Insufficient housing is common

Electricity is a luxury

Your donation makes a difference!


Living day in and day out in some of the hardest circumstances in the world, a small bit of hope can make all the difference in the world.


Nothing breaks down barriers as effectively as an education. What was once impossible is made possible when individuals are able to receive an education.


Seeing the suffering of others cultivates compassion and gratitude. Understanding the suffering of others leads one to action.

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Smiling Through the Struggle

Perhaps the greatest lesson Cayetano teaches us is that YOU are the master of your life and YOU decide what your life will be, no matter how easy or hard the circumstances of your life are. Click on the picture to read Cayetano’s story.

Where Strength and Beauty Overcomes

Though a story of tragedy, Elmedina has instead chosen to make her story one of beauty and reprieve. She stands as an inspiration to keep moving forward, to keep trying and to spread goodness as you do. Click on the picture to read Elmedina’s story.

Our Mission is to:

  • bring on-the-ground aid directly to communities by partnering with local leaders to distribute goods needed to meet basic needs
  • develop programs to promote self-sufficiency in families and individuals
  • highlight the lives of those living in different and difficult circumstances
  • humanize suffering in developing countries
  • maximize the impact of each donation we receive

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In a Different Place

It is difficult as a parent to feel that you can’t fully provide for your children. Having to sometimes go without the necessities of life which so many throughout the world take for granted is a source of both concern and sadness for Rita.

Click on the picture to read Rita’s story.

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