Hope Remains

Often, it is the children that bring hope to the world of poverty, despite the difficulty to find the means for their care.

In the children, it is easy to see potential.

The children still carry a sense of joy, hope and goodness in the world, and it is a sustaining force for many living in poverty.

They often walk without shoes.

Their toys, if they have any, are worn down and well-used.

Regardless, their joy is persistent and contagious.

For 23-year old Carmen, hope for her children is her lifeline. Though still young herself, it is hard to remain optimistic in the situation in which she lives, but for her children, she can.

Carmen has been unable to find permanent employment. She has temporary work, selling avocados. She is fortunate to be able to live with her mother and her brother. Her brother earns the income on which they live. Finding and keeping a regular job, is one of her few desires. Her other main desire is that her children are able to get an education.

Perhaps, if and when she acquires regular employment, a small bag of groceries will no longer spark such interest and excitement, for it will no longer be such a rarity. Until then, that interest and excitement will likely be her lifeline.

Written by Shalyce Cluff; Photography by Jose Miguel Amaya

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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